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w1At Adams K9 we PRACTICE what we PREACH. Our training sites are essential to the development of each dog and handler no matter how big or small or how green or experienced each handler and dog is.

Training both Single and Dual Purpose K9’s for Police, Free Lance Security and in home Personal Protection for over 15 years. Every dog being put out by Adams K9 is personally selected by owner and management bringing the most optimal dogs to the table. Selection of your K9 is extremely important as so many dogs look the look and talk the talk but under real life stress and heated scenarios crack under pressure leaving the handler and his team widely exposed to harm and the people in which they are protecting.

We take our time in testing each stage to make sure this never happens and to make sure that we leave the dog trained, trusting that it to defend our lives to the bitter end. Fact is at the end of the day your K9 will be able to perform whether there is gunfire, stressful situations and or violent encounters regardless of breed.



20150115 153526PLEASE NOTE :
These Program’s Below Are For Indvidual’s Who Have Their Own Dog That Has Passed Its Evaluation And Tests For Workabilty.

  • Evaluation’s:
    • Working and Sport Dog Evaluation’s - $125
  • Scent Detection Training:
    • Narcotic’s Detection - $4500
    • Cadaver Detection - $4500
    • Arson Detection - $4500
    • Bed Bug Detection
  • Tracking/Trailing Training:
  • Personal Protection Training:
  • Sport Dog Training:



Adams K9 believes that the proper education is imperative to anyone trying to succeed in this industry today. Simply taking online schooling and walking around in a group class as we like to call THE POOPSIE SCHOOL simply does not cut it. Working in this field requires a HANDS ON EDUCATION AND ONE on ONE instruction to help you learn proper problem solving techniques and to get a feel for all types of breeds.

w3Becoming a trainer does not happen overnight whether or not u are learning to become a working dog instructor, advanced obedience instructor or just your average group class instructor. It takes time, dedication and patience. Also u must now that it doesn’t matter what you are teaching there is always a possibility you will be bit. This is not a job for the weak of heart as I have incurred many bites that range in severity. When you put dogs with dogs there is always a chance of this and when you are new at this line of work odds are you are going to get bit. The point is to be able to overcome it and learn to be fair with each and every dog that you encounter. Both aggressive dogs and passive dogs alike all need to be treated fairly and handled with respect.

You will have the opportunity to be around experienced dogs and well as start with green dogs and even dogs you may own. This is about HANDS ON DOGS training and I cannot emphasize this enough. So the more you are around the more you will gain confidence and leadership skills set forth to take on the working and pet dog world!

That is what Adams K9 will do….. We will help mold you into that fair but firm trainer and give you all the tools mentally to overcome these tricky situations. So throw your panties out the door and let’s go train some dogs!

K9 Handler Course :

  • 2 Week School - $2500
  • A choice set of skills around proper leash handling for Patrol, Scent work, Tracking and Obedience with your dog.

K9 Trainer Course :

  • 4 Week Course - $4500
  • 6 Week Course - $6500
  • Learning the ins and outs of problem solving with Scent Work, Tracking/Trailing, Patrol, Obedience and Protection Training.

Decoy Helper Course :

  • 3 Week Course - $3500
  • Decoying is not about catching a dog and being bit!!! It’s about timing and knowing the animal in front of you. Learning when it is acceptable to apply pressure and balancing the dog in both prey and defense drive. Knowing what to look for from something as simple as the head and ears to the tail and even the voice and sounds the dog is making. This you will learn extensively in this course. A lot of bad dogs on patrol come from bad decoys and people that “just take bits”. This is about you and the dog becoming one to make an excellent dog for anyone on the street.