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ADAMS K9 has specialized in riot and crowd control since 2001. We have worked some volatile events and controlled crowds all over the United States.  When it comes to getting your children and loved ones home safely from special events, our dedicated team will do what is necessary to ensure their safety.  From special events to picketers who will do anything to get there point across, we take control and preserve the peace.


Narcotics Detection is incredibly important in society today for Law Enforcement on many levels.  Knowing how to read your dog is essential and vital to success in this field.  As a handler you must be aware of many dangers including the presence of dirty needles and exposed drugs, etc.  We take pride in having top notch handlers who know how to search for narcotics in a safe and effective way. 

At ADAMS K9 we offer a variety of services including Vehicle, Building, Vessel, Parcel , Home, Office and Open Area Searches. Keeping an upper hand in law enforcement we pack a punch! If it is there we will certainly find it.  Because our love and passion for working with our K9s, we train rigorously and always make changes to the practice areas we search and the types of narcotics we search for.  This ensures a never ending variety of new and creative training scenarios to help our K9s be prepared for anything they may encounter out on the streets today.


Committed to helping local business owners eradicate bed bugs from their establishments in a timely and effective manner as well as preventive maintenance. Bed bugs are becoming a major hassle in every part of the world as they can become dormant for up to a year without feeding. To save time and money contact Adams K9 for a quote and keep you business, home or office free and clear of this scourge of a bug.


We would all like to think that our families are safe everywhere they go at all times.  But, unfortunately, there are situations in our society today that sometimes requires extra vigilance and protection.   Putting our families first is a priority and necessity.  There are several ways to protect your home and offices these days but they are limited in their effectiveness; video surveillance is great if you’re trying to find the intruder after the fact, dialing 911 just means time waiting for help to arrive, etc.  One deterrent that simply never fails is the use of a well-rounded trained K9. Training our dogs to do Private Guard work on your property or as a Personal Escort increases your chances of safety tremendously and will help you sleep soundly at night.


Having security or off-duty police provide property searches can be a great thing to have, but sometimes you need a bit more when you have large buildings and facilities with a lot of office doors, entrances, and exits to larger areas.  Having one of our K9s on site will not only deter an intruder from coming in but if the intruder breaches your perimeter and is on your property or in your facility it is nice to have a TRAINED K9 on site to deal with them. Sending the K9 to search open areas and doors that should be clear is a sure was to sniff out the bad guy.

Using a strategic pattern, this is a very successful way to know what’s ahead of you long before you have to face it. Once the intruder is found, most often they will come out of hiding before we need to send the dog in on a bite making it easier to manage and maintain your premises safely.  Keeping your information confidential and your property safe is our priority.


It is a wonderful thing to be able to trust your kids and employees but we all know that is not always the case, even for the honor student and the model employee.  They are human and everyone can make mistakes. Sometimes even the smallest sign is something not to be ignored when it comes to drug use. The key is to catch it before it is too late or before you are 100% certain there is a problem.  Catching drug use as early as possible can help save a lot of problems down the line.

We offer private searches to help troubled businesses that could lose productivity from an employee with a drug problem.  We can also do private residence searches if there is concern about your children getting involved with drugs.  Call us we will be there to search the property so we can give you a good idea of what drugs are present and where they are hidden.  Anything we find can be disposed of or turned in and then you can take the next appropriate steps (counseling, job termination, drug rehab, etc.).  You can be present during all searches so that you can see the process and understand how to try and prevent a reoccurrence.